The Fat Cow Davao

STEAK is one of the most popular dish not just for Filipinos but also for everybody in different parts of the globe. You can cook steak in a variety of ways and pair it with unique side dishes. I’m a stickler for a good cook of steak and a wonderful piece of meat and this is what I expected entering The Fat Cow.

The Fat Cow is situated in a quiant corner of Mabini street. It is accessible to both commuters and with vehicle customers. The place is simple and not too decorated. It has an open kitchen design where you can slightly see how the chefs cooks the food. They also have a small open bar where you can order some drinks. I was a little disappointed with the ambiance. I thought it lack that “homey” rustic feel that I was expecting for a nice restaurant offering dry aged steak.

The Menu

Their menu is an entirely different thing to see. Not to short of a list and not too long and complicated. Their bistro style food is a mix of modern and comfort foods that excite the palate. Price wise its a little over expensive but steak price is average and boils down to the quality of the order.

I definitely recommend their line of Maki for starters. It is packed with flavor although a bit more texture could have made it so much more appetizing. The one in the picture above is the scallops maki. The sauce just balances it all out not to mention the light wasabe for the kick. We also tried out the Bbq Ribs and the Angus Beef Belly Steak (not on the Menu). The Bbq Ribs is a must try. This is a fall off the bone ribs with spicy glazed sauce. It is paired with their signature Tuyo rice. Although it was delicious, I think it is best paired with hot plain rice so as to bring out more of the flavor. Our choice of steak is their out of Menu beef belly steak. I’m not such a fan of it and it actually didn’t reach my expectation but the cook was on point. 

Lastly for the Pasta, we tried their famous Kawali Crab Fat Pasta (also out of the Menu). I was slightly disappointed as well for this dish. It just didn’t match for me. Plus it was so rich that maybe a mix of chilli on the sauce would have made it so much better. Points for creative effort of the chef though. But food presentation wise, everything was pleasing to the eyes albeit a little short on pleasing my palate.

Overall Experience

The Fat Cow is fairly new so I could come back. I am also positive that all the other steak options might be much better that what we had. I’d recommend training his staff (the waiters) more on describing and recommending the dishes they deem as best sellers. Over all I would rate my experience as 6/10. 


Experiencing the Out of Nowhere Kitchen

Davao is home to a lot of pop up and start up restaurants. The Davaoeños taste include fresh and new creative dished that is cooked fresh and served with care.

This is what you can expect from the Out of Nowhere kitchen. Located in Mamay road in the North of the city, you will surely be surprised of what they have in store for you.

The ambiance of this quiant place is rustic mixed with chic earth colors. Slight downside is the size of the place but I guess it adds to the more “homey” feel of the restaurant. The location of the place is also something to consider since it is more advantageous to have a personal car when going because its a little hidden (hence Out of Nowhere). Parking space is fair but when packed with people its quite hard to find some. 
On a lighther note, price of food and beverage are the typical mid range of 100-300 range hence the appeal to both middle and above middle class even students. 

The Menu

What I sincerely love about their simple Menu is that it’s not your everyday food. It has a fusion of a rustic mexican feel with the enchilada and chili con carne. The straight forward Menu is delightful. I personally recommend the Seared trio Maki, Chili con carne and the grilled beef ribs or spicy shrimp. Refresh with their signature drink served in an extralarge mason jar mug! Dessert is also something else in this place. Their soli cakes are delicately decorated and served Instagram worthy including their version of popular shakes and beverage. All hearty and satisfying meals, you will surely have a run for your money. Service is good but since the place is quite small, you need to be willing to wait when its packed. Just a proof that people want to eat here.
Overall Experience

I would gladly rate the place a 7.5/10 scale. Above average place with a nice rustic area. That chili con carne won me over 😁😁😁.

Might be good to eat back there again! 

What was your experience ? Let me know!

Cheesecake Cravings!

Food trip for me, is one of the most enjoyable activities you can do whenever and wherever you go (given that there is food to eat!) so I thought of the my very first creation in terms of food, and you guessed it, cheesecake!

In the midst of my gloomy nights or those days of craving, I decided to fish around for the easiest way to make my own blueberry cheesecake. Its kind of hard, especially in finding the right and matching ingredients for someone as amateur in food as me, so I tried my best to get the most local and easiest to find ingredients that can be bought here in Davao. Until one day, a friend of my brother introduced me to No-bake Blueberry Cheesecake. Today, this had been one of my most cherished creations. Although its no way perfect like in restaurants or bakeshops, it works for me and I have received great (char!) comments about it. Actually, the first time I made it for myself, I was not sure about everything form the ingredients to the process. I still gave it my best shot though, and it all paid off when I finally ATE it (haha!).

Needless to say, it was a success and you need not to have an oven to do it. Over the next few attempts, my usual problem was how to make the batter firm. I think I always screw-up the jelly setting but I am glad to report that its all good now! I have also been asked countless of time of the ingredients and procedure of such so this is why I want to share this simple generic recipe for No-bake Blueberry Cheesecake recipe. And as I always say to my friends –“it will entirely be up to your creative power to perfect it to your own taste” That is whats fun in baking, its trial and error. You gotta be patient in order to get what you want, kinda like life you know.

So, hope this helps! Enjoy and don’t forget to give some love!

No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake



1 pack crushed grahams

8 tbsp brown Sugar

3/4 of a bar of Butter (unsalted is much better though) Melted


1 or 2 packs of Cream Cheese (I suggest Heritage or Philadelphia or Nestle Cream Cheese and use 2 bars if you want it to be creamier) Softened

2 boxes of Nestle all Purpose cream Chilled

1 can Carnation Condensed Milk (You can use sugar instead if you don’t want this)

2 or 3 Sachets of Knox Gelatin (clear and unflavored)

1 cup water

1 can Blueberry Filling (I use Wilderness or Comstock) you can also go for dried Blueberries

2 or 3(depending on how deep)  9-inch circular Container (u can use the usual spring form circle molder or foil made containers)


Make the Crust. Combine crushed graham, melted butter and sugar. Mix well and using back of a spoon or a spatula, press it at the bottom of your container. until firm. Refrigerate for 15 to 30 minutes then set aside. Make the Filling. In a separate bowl, Combine softened cream cheese, condensed milk. Mix thoroughly. Set aside for a while. Dissolve Gelatin in 1 cup water and bring to a boil over your burner (continuously stir in doing so) then, combine this with the cream cheese filling. Whip the All purpose cream and fold it in the cream cheese filling. Pour the filling in your chilled crust. Freeze for a couple of hours until top is set and top with Blueberry.

Note: You can also use Mango, Oreo and other Fruit if you would like. Don’t be afraid to experiment! And lastly, enjoy eating it after!!