Writing keeps my mind of things. Thought and ideas are put into black and white eases the load on my mind. However, it’s not my first attempt at doing so. I have written a lot of things or started a few blogs in the past but it never stuck with me. Usually because of the fast paced life the city offers. I hope now, it will be something fresh and something new.

I am born and raised in Davao City, Philippines. Half Pinay and Half Chinese is the first thing that my eyes will tell you about me. My physique will tell you that I am a foodie and chef/baker wanna be. I try my best really. The photos reflected on this blog are my doing. They represent all the things in my life from food to travel to people.

This blog is dedicated to Life. What with it’s ups and downs the more you knock, life knocks back. I revel in the possibilities that I can share here and the mindless musings that I can share with my possible readers.