Rocking in 20s #Adulting101

Our 20s is extremely important. This age might be called the formative years of our lives. When you are in your 20s you are starting to take more responsibility of your life. This is the time for crucial decision-making and the shift to maturity.

You must understand that when you grow older, the global competition also lessens your chances for opportunity knocking on your doorstep. During your early 20s you might think to stay low and enjoy your freedom from school work. Mid 20s you start to find your true fit for career, circle of friends, workplace and even intimate relationship. Late 20s, that is a totally different time. This is the time for financial responsibility, finding stability, time for marriage and committment. Don’t get stuck in your youth because there is so much ahead of you.

Below I list my 10 own realizations of how to rock your 20s.

10. Accepting that you are an adult.

When you reach late 20s you should be able, without a doubt, realize that you are an adult. Its time to start acting like one. This does not mean giving up on being happy and youthful. It is about accepting that you are an adult and you have responsibilities. you owe it to yourself that you better start planning on reaching your goals.

9. Have and Maintain the Body you always wanted.

Okay! Guilty as charged. Even at 27 I’m still dreaming of the body I have always wanted. But it doesn’t mean you have to be like that too. As we age, it will be much harder to hit that target weight or tone of body that you have always wanted. So while it is still early, start doing it. You don’t have to do super drastic changes, you just have to set the right mind. You have to realize that the 30 years later you will benefit from what you eat, do and drink in your 20s.

8. Learn to pay your bills and tone down your shopping spree.

This is a very important part of your 20s. You have to seriously learn how to budget your finances so that years from now you will not be buried in debt. You have to be aware where your money goes. There are a lot of ways to save up money. You have to be disciplined in what you buy and decide if you really need that item. One trick for credit card wonders is to always remember that you only swipe your card if you have cash on you. This is an irony really but this will prevent you from having debt. DO NOT use your card when you have no cash at all (unless it’s absolutely an emergency!) or else you might go on a unschduled shopping spree and be buried in debt right after.

7. Accepting that Change is inevitable.

In your 20s you will realize the more important things in life. You should also learn to adapt to anything and everything that is new. Change is constant and you should expect this always. Come to terms that sometimes the best way to win battles is to change your tactics. Your old ways might not be effective as it used to because of the changing environment. Learn to adapt to change may it be in the home, in your workplace, or with your friends.

6. Surround yourself with people who really matter.

As we grow old, circle of friends get smaller. This is where the adage “Quality over Quantity” can be applicable. It doesn’t matter if you have thousands of friends. What is important is that you know who your real persons are. Surround yourself with friends that make a positive impact in your life. Keep those people close to you. It takes time to build friendships so its best to start right away.

5. Find a work that you love doing.

The ultimate rule when it comes to finding work is to love what you do and do what you love. I can honestly say that me and Nursing was not love at first sight. But later on I realized that I love what I do. You have to set your mind like this because it will motivate you to succeed. Imagine waking up and feeling of not working a day in your life. Discover your passion and work there.

4. Don’t compare and compete with others.

The adage that you can never please everyone is true. But the truth is, you don’t have to. All of us have very different journey and we should not compare. What may apply to others may not apply to you and vice versa. The only competition you have is yourself. Everyday you should strive to be your better self.

3. Take control of your happiness.

A lot of people seem to depend their decisions in career and life with what other people think. Now, these decisions ultimately should be made by you. You can consider the thoughts of other people, but when it comes to your happiness you have to put your foot forward. Remember that your happiness depends on you and not on other people. The repercussions of your decisions will be experienced by you and not them. Follow your heart.

2. Making a mistake does not mean the end of the world.

Stop over thinking! You might have made a mistake today at least you learn from the mistake. You have to move on because life moves on. All the trash talk will die down and people will go on with their life. You should too! Better to make mistakes and learn that play safe and never live.

  1. Believe in Yourself.

I have always lived by the line of one song by Tori Kelly “Don’t quite your daydream, don’t forget to breathe, who you wanna be is only up to you. Sometimes we may fall, let them think that your small ‘coz its so worth the fall when you land where you want to”. In life full of hypocrisy and mediocrity, you have to be above all that. Believe that you can reach your dreams. No one said its a competition. You should be able to live your life in your own terms and in your own way.


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