The Fat Cow Davao

STEAK is one of the most popular dish not just for Filipinos but also for everybody in different parts of the globe. You can cook steak in a variety of ways and pair it with unique side dishes. I’m a stickler for a good cook of steak and a wonderful piece of meat and this is what I expected entering The Fat Cow.

The Fat Cow is situated in a quiant corner of Mabini street. It is accessible to both commuters and with vehicle customers. The place is simple and not too decorated. It has an open kitchen design where you can slightly see how the chefs cooks the food. They also have a small open bar where you can order some drinks. I was a little disappointed with the ambiance. I thought it lack that “homey” rustic feel that I was expecting for a nice restaurant offering dry aged steak.

The Menu

Their menu is an entirely different thing to see. Not to short of a list and not too long and complicated. Their bistro style food is a mix of modern and comfort foods that excite the palate. Price wise its a little over expensive but steak price is average and boils down to the quality of the order.

I definitely recommend their line of Maki for starters. It is packed with flavor although a bit more texture could have made it so much more appetizing. The one in the picture above is the scallops maki. The sauce just balances it all out not to mention the light wasabe for the kick. We also tried out the Bbq Ribs and the Angus Beef Belly Steak (not on the Menu). The Bbq Ribs is a must try. This is a fall off the bone ribs with spicy glazed sauce. It is paired with their signature Tuyo rice. Although it was delicious, I think it is best paired with hot plain rice so as to bring out more of the flavor. Our choice of steak is their out of Menu beef belly steak. I’m not such a fan of it and it actually didn’t reach my expectation but the cook was on point. 

Lastly for the Pasta, we tried their famous Kawali Crab Fat Pasta (also out of the Menu). I was slightly disappointed as well for this dish. It just didn’t match for me. Plus it was so rich that maybe a mix of chilli on the sauce would have made it so much better. Points for creative effort of the chef though. But food presentation wise, everything was pleasing to the eyes albeit a little short on pleasing my palate.

Overall Experience

The Fat Cow is fairly new so I could come back. I am also positive that all the other steak options might be much better that what we had. I’d recommend training his staff (the waiters) more on describing and recommending the dishes they deem as best sellers. Over all I would rate my experience as 6/10. 


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