Experiencing the Out of Nowhere Kitchen

Davao is home to a lot of pop up and start up restaurants. The Davaoeños taste include fresh and new creative dished that is cooked fresh and served with care.

This is what you can expect from the Out of Nowhere kitchen. Located in Mamay road in the North of the city, you will surely be surprised of what they have in store for you.

The ambiance of this quiant place is rustic mixed with chic earth colors. Slight downside is the size of the place but I guess it adds to the more “homey” feel of the restaurant. The location of the place is also something to consider since it is more advantageous to have a personal car when going because its a little hidden (hence Out of Nowhere). Parking space is fair but when packed with people its quite hard to find some. 
On a lighther note, price of food and beverage are the typical mid range of 100-300 range hence the appeal to both middle and above middle class even students. 

The Menu

What I sincerely love about their simple Menu is that it’s not your everyday food. It has a fusion of a rustic mexican feel with the enchilada and chili con carne. The straight forward Menu is delightful. I personally recommend the Seared trio Maki, Chili con carne and the grilled beef ribs or spicy shrimp. Refresh with their signature drink served in an extralarge mason jar mug! Dessert is also something else in this place. Their soli cakes are delicately decorated and served Instagram worthy including their version of popular shakes and beverage. All hearty and satisfying meals, you will surely have a run for your money. Service is good but since the place is quite small, you need to be willing to wait when its packed. Just a proof that people want to eat here.
Overall Experience

I would gladly rate the place a 7.5/10 scale. Above average place with a nice rustic area. That chili con carne won me over 😁😁😁.

Might be good to eat back there again! 

What was your experience ? Let me know!


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