Davao: Life is Here

“Life is here” — this is the very known tagline of this bountiful and wonderful city, my home, Davao City.

Photo from adoborepublic.net

I am born and raised here in this eclectic city for as long as I remember. I watched it become what it is today – One of the most Livable city in the Philippines.During the countless times that I traveled to other places, nothing replaces the comforts that I feel when I am home. From the fresh winds to the abundant greens of the city, it will always be a dream for me to live with stability and be contented as a “Dabawenya”.

Davao City is presently governed by Hon. Mayor Sarah Duterte. Being the mother of this wonderful city, she has made it a peaceful and orderly city that it is now. She takes upon the leadership and iron fist of her father the now President Rodrigo Duterte. After all the time the city has been under the Duterte administration, it has flourished to be the gem it is today. Although there are so many regulations and rules in the city, all of it are for the benefit of the people. Some of the most popular regulations of the city includes the Anti-Smoking Rule, The recent Speed limit for Driving in the City and the famous Firecracker Ban for the City. For years, the people of Davao has been diligently obeying these rules. I , for one, believe these rules make of a better and newer breed of Filipino citizens.

The most popular fiesta in the city is the celebration of the “Araw nd Dabaw” (every march 16th) and the famous “Kadayawan” Festival (every August). It is only here that you can enjoy the freshest harvest of Durian, Mangosteen, Lanzones, Rambutan and Suha. You will be able to satisfy your cravings for these seasonal fruits here in the city. Of course the various restaurateurs in Davao will never fail you in giving a taste of the gastronomic delights in the city. From the sumptuous desserts to the freshest catch of seafood, Davao has it all. On the other hand, if you are the striving student or the backpacker, enjoy endless street foods in San Pedro Street near the City Hall, Roxas night market or the affordable foods of the many unlimited rice barbecue offerings all around the city.

Davao City Hall Photo by davaoportal.com

Do you need the time to relax and enjoy? Your best destination is one Torres Street or Matina Town Square. You can also have drinks with your friends and enjoy the blues and music of local bands at the various bars and drinks districts in The Business Class down by Bajada street or drop by the famous Damosa Gateway. If you are looking for the more family-friendly place visit the burgers and pizza chains in Davao that offer sumptuous burgers, fries and more to the whole family. You can also cool down and have ice cream with the kids at the various Ice Giants food chain in the city. Do you have that last song syndrome “LSS” and want to wash away all your stress through belting songs from Beyonce or Maria Carey, visit the many Karaoke establishments in the city namely K1 Videoke or Iron Voyz Extreme. If you are a beach bum like me, take in the beauty of clear beaches and white sands of Island Garden City of Samal which just so happens to be 10-15 mins away by boat. Now isn’t that just convenient?

Now another thing I look forward to when in Davao? I don’t get lost! why? Cabbies here are known for their honesty and the Jeepney’s here are so easy to go around. You simply have to know where you are going and when hailing a Jeepney, you just read the signs attached to their windshields or painted on their jeepney bodies and you will get there!! The International Airport of Davao is also home to popular airlines that serve you domestic and international flights.

Pearl Farm Resort Photo by Kurt Damada

A good tip though when you travel in Davao is to speak a little Bisaya. Terms like “Tagpila ni?” (how much is this?) and “daghang salamat” (Many Thanks) or maybe “wala nay hangyu?” (Any  lower price for this? or a form of haggling) will go a long way when you are here.

In conclusion, other people may say Davao is just a “Province” or that people here are “probinsyano” but in reality, people of Davao are more honest, hardworking and really happy people. I wouldn’t just say that Davao is a Province, I’d say its Home.


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