The First

” Every journey Needs a First Step” – Anonymous

This is not my first rodeo with writing. There is always a lot of things that run through my mind. I’m more of a reader if you ask me. Maybe that is the reason why I never really continued the writing bit. Maybe it was lack of motivation or I might be missing a muse. Funny how these things–the need and craving to write– crawls back into your life.

By the way, my friends call me Micole. Although at times they hear “N” instead of “M”; so some others I go by Kim. It’s actually a reference to my Chinese name. I think you gathered that I am half Pinay and Half Chinese. What with the “chinita” eyes but robust “Bisaya” language.So here I go again, starting anew. Blogging and posting musings, travels, and photography. I think you also gathered that I’m a “foodie”with all the weight my cheeks have (haha!). Books are also a friend to me with all its wonder and the places you can be whilst reading one book. There is also the singing bit, where the microphone doesn’t really hate me but the stage is just an enemy. Kidding aside, I’m glad that I started again and I especially hope to continue.

Cheers to all our firsts! Don’t mind if we share a glass of wine of two!


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